Thursday, October 4, 2007

Experiencing Hands on Parenting

Hands on Parenting, what is it? Usually parents now a days does not experience this simply because of their work. Most of us are now spending more hours in our offices than to our home and since today it is more practical for both parents to work because of our economy. So back to our question what is Hands on Parenting? This is where you are the one who's taking care of your child.

I have experienced this in my life. It was September 2006 when i told my boss that i'll take my 1 month leave of absent coz there is no one who will look for our 3 months old daughter. This is very hard for me at first since i'm the father its kinda awkward at first. Then as soon as i saw my baby laughing and smiling back at me i felt so happy and proud. That no i am a father and as well her full time "yaya".

Were been together for the next 9 months. I never came back to work coz the company is bankrupt a blessing in disguise for me. So those times i been with her i learn new thing like changing her diapers, feeding her in a bottle, bathing her, making her watch educational DVD's and playing with her. I saw my baby crawl, walk, eat solid foods and now saying her first words "ti-ga" meaning tiger and the sound i like the most is "DAD". I was so happy that i experienced this in my life and now i know being a father is not just providing your family basic needs but providing them your time and love.

Here's a picture of my Chloe.

Danielle Chloe is now 1 year and 2 months old. She's a happy baby and now she's showing her love and affection for her Mom and Dad. I love her so much....

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