Thursday, October 25, 2007

Glorietta 2 Blasts

Me and my wife had a lunch out date on a pizza restaurant at Greenbelt 1 we have spend more than 1 hour there. We almost decided to go to Glorietta and check some baby clothes but instead of proceeding I have decided to go back to work since its almost 1pm. When i arrived at the office my co-workers seems to have their own lunch out breaks. After a few minutes they had arrived and told us that they ate at KFC Glorietta 2 and when they are going out they noticed that they are police rushing in and that was it the blasts already occurred at the basement of Glorietta 2.

Thank God they are all safe, that were all safe. They are a lot of speculations about the incident that they're planned by terrorists, government diversion and the Ayala mall itself. Who knows if this where made by terrorists it surely be inhumane the victims has nothing to do with what they are fighting for. If it is the government plot hmmm.... i hope who wont get away with this since they are having a problem with the ZTE scam it may be a successful diversion.

Currently the FBI, NBI, Investigators from Australia says that it was from the mall maintenance itself. Methane Gas + Diesel Fume may caused the blasts but the owners of Glorietta is completely disagree with the findings. Who knows who were responsible for the incident and just all hope that the truth will come out and that this will not happen again to other.

Condolence to all the family who lost their loved onces during this incident.

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