Monday, October 22, 2007

Prison Break Fanatic

Well I never thought that i'm going to be addicted to this TV Series. Prison Break is now on it's third season where in more action and suspense will take place. For those who haven't seen the 1st 2 seasons please watch it coz it's not a waste of time.

On this season Michael Scofield is in SONA prison in Panama City and he will have to escape on a prison once more but we will have to face the most brutal and dangerous place on earth others called it "hell on earth" SONA is a fictional prison in this story but this was actually based on Carandiru Prison which is now closed due to the Carandiru Massacre which takes place on the year 1992 where inmates riot and a lot of inmates died by gun shots by the authorities.

So the exciting part for this season is how Michael get out on this kind of prison wherein there's no guard patrolling and every inmates can kill each other whenever they want.

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when new season will starts?? someone knows about it?? Oh Gosh, I cant wait anymore - want new episodes...