Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why Father-Daughter Relationships?

Now here's something we daddy's need to read. i can put myself to the first type of daddy "the Prince" Chloe is now 1 yr and almost 4 months old and i know while she's growing up she always admires her dad. Every time I go out for work every morning she cries she always want me to be by her side. I know i'll be this type of dad until she's a grown up lady. I hope that she will learn a lot from me and her mom.

So, feel free and read the article and you will learn what type of dad are you.

Daddy Dearest: Why Father-Daughter Relationships Are Important?

Now, more than ever, fathers want to become better dads to their daughters. In the past, it was often assumed that moms played the primary role in shaping girls into young women. However, recent research suggests that the role of fathers can be just as influential, especially when it comes to a daughter's self-image and decision making.

How a daughter perceives her father begins at a very early age. Her perceptions may change with age, but it seems that those perceptions can be categorized into four general types of dads: Prince, Buddy, Ghost and Boss.


He is a knight in shining armor because he treats his daughter like a princess. He is always willing to talk to her about the things she is interested in, and he spends time doing things she likes to do, including playing tea party or doll games. When they go out to dinner, he pulls out her chair and compliments her appearance. As an adult, the daughter views her father as someone who knew how to listen and who taught her not to be afraid of being feminine.


He is his daughter's pal. They often do things he enjoys together. He encourages his daughter to try new things, even if it is predominantly a male activity. Buddy Dad is a great storyteller, but often his stories are about things he is interested in. As an adult, the daughter often sees her father as the one who taught her to stand up for herself and strive for what she wants. He may not have taken the time to talk about girl stuff, but he always supported his daughter's choices.


He is the authority figure in the home. He doesn't spend as much time listening as he does laying down the law. His daughter sees him as harsh and sometimes critical. He occasionally spends time talking about her concerns, but he often tells her what to do. The daughter views her dad as loving but rigid.


He is the father she hardly ever sees. When Ghost Dad is home, he hides behind a newspaper or in front of a TV. He is not available to talk to anyone. He is a busy man who works hard for the family but hardly ever sees them. He is not willing or able to talk to his daughter and provide her with self-assurance. As an adult, the daughter usually insists he did show love but did not give his time. She grew up thinking that talking and spending time together is not something she can get from others.

Additional research is required to determine how behavior and other factors shape father-daughter relationships, including how the relationship influences a woman's choice in life mate…if at all. What we do know is that the bonds between dads and daughters begin very early in life.

How would your daughter describe you, and how would you label yourself?

Source: Parenting.org


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