Friday, November 9, 2007

What is your favorite moment with your child?

Well for me that would be watching Sesame Street most especially when Snappy approach Elmo and tell him what his favorite song was. Snappy's favorite song though is Row your Boat and when this song play Elmo will ride on Snappy's back as if his back is the boat. By watching this scene my daughter will also approach me and raise her arm so i could pick her up and when the song plays i'll row her until the song stops and after that huhuhuh my back aches but it will be consumed by the laughter and love by my Chloe.

So is your favorite moment with your child? Do this at least every week and your child might love it and we can show them how much they are important to us. We can also make them more sociable as they learn how to play.


Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Dear Stephen,

What a nice surprise - a Daddy blog in this sea of Mommy blogs which I was surfing today. I am a mother of five - 29,26, 24, 19 and 8. Now I am also a grandmother of an 11 month old boy.

My favorite time with my children - with my oldest (who now is a new Dad like you) - was an old show called Mr. Rodgers which was very soothing. There don't seem to be any shows like that anymore.

As I had more children the day was such a busy time - the best times were when I had the opportunity to drive my children to various activities and get one-on-one time in the car for great conversations. We cooked together as a big bunch and that was always fun, too. And then there was bed time. Reading a book, singing songs, talking, or just falling asleep next to each other. Sometimes I dreaded it at the end of the day when I was tired, but it always turned into precious moments once we got started.

To answer your question precisely, my favorite moment with each child was the first time we fell asleep next to each other after each one of them was born. So much joy and peace at once.

Thank you for asking the question - lots of nice memories flooding my brain. So many favorite moments ...

Paula Angelique Hafner said...

Any moment