Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My lonely daughter

Since I'm back to work my daughter doesn't have the leisure to see me often instead she'll have to spend most of her time with her toys and her nanny. I felt guilty for the lack of time to spend with her. My baby is now 1 year and 7 months old. She now knows how to be left alone without her daddy and mommy.

As of late my daughter is sleeping beyond the usual time of sleep. She's beginning to lay down in bed at 10 pm or sometimes 12 midnight. One thing I've noticed is that she wants some quality time (bonding time) with us her parents by means of playing, book reading and even chatting things (although I cannot understand her words). Last night she don't want to sleep although she's very sleepy she just resisting it so, I told her mom to lay down and pretend to sleep and I sing her a song that she used to hear when she was younger and I touch her hair while singing the song and suddenly she smiles back and said DAD then she closed her eyes but she still goes to her mom and lay down beside her.

I has touched by my daughter when she smiles back and sad the word DAD in a very angelic voice. I just miss those times when I'm with her most of the time. Now I know that I need to spend more of my time with her when I'm at home. I Love my daughter so much.


PK said...

Its indispensable for all parents to spend QUALITY TIME wit their kids. We can not let ourselves reduce to be mere physical parents. We've to make sure that we spend time with her everyday and makes sure that she does us and our nation proud.

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