Monday, March 3, 2008

Female Prison Break Spin-Off

For my own point of view this should be the stupid move ever. Knowing that Prison Break is now getting low support from the fans. From the stellar first season of Prison Break now they make this kind of move common give us a real break.
Fox has ordered a script from Matt Olmstead and Zack Estrin (producers of PRISON BREAK) for a new spin-off featuring a female prison and a new central character named Molly who will be introduced later this year in the original show. The show is tentatively titled PRISON BREAK:CHERRY HILL, says the Hollywood Reporter. If the spin-off falls through, the Molly character will stay on board the first show as a regular character.
Molly is an upper middle class wife, she and her family is also a victim by the Company the government conspiracy that framed Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and put them behind bars. She seeks them out at the Panamanian Prison known to us as the SONA in her quest to exact vengeance.
She will put in detention facility fully accepting the life sentence for her acts of revenge until she found out that her loved ones are still alive. Later she would be transformed from a unapologetic murderer to a motivated woman who would do anything to get out of prison just to be with them.

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