Friday, November 9, 2007

Being a father is not just being the provider

We fathers usually thought at first that if we married our wives and have our 1st baby we should provide them basic needs. Yes this is true and it will remain for the end of time. But most of us forgot that being the head of the family is not just being the provider. Remember that our daughters and sons and our wives needs our quality time. If you can go home early from work do so this is the way to show to them how much they are really important to us.

Like me, if i'm at home i spend my precious time to my daughter and have our daddy and daughter time. We play hide and seek, peek a boo, watching children shows together and educating her. When home i'm the one who feed her, her favorite oatmeal, yogurt, soup with rice and even feeding her in bottle with milk. It never come to my mind that it will lessen my manhood but instead it makes me complete seeing my baby grow up and learning new stuff and i know i'm part of it because i gave her the time she needs.

So for those who will become a daddy be sure to provide your little princess or prince the time they need. I love my baby Chloe.

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