Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bomb or Methane Blasts

It has been 3 weeks now since the Glorietta 2 Blasts and investigators from NBI, FBI and Australian Investigating team seems to come to the conclusion that the incident was not caused by a bomb or any terrorist attack hence, this is just an industrial fault by the mall management according to their findings. On my own opinion this is not a bomb and i think that the mall is the guilty one.

It's hard to see that Glorietta will fall and might be close for operation for good if find guilty. I have tons of memories with this mall. This is the place that me and my wife first dinned-in, first movie date, first lunch date, first date, my baby girl's first hair cut, my first ear piercing, gimik with my friends and colleagues. I will feel bad if this is the case and i hope Ayala work things out.

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I think police said the blast originated from a comfort room of a restaurant and affected a nearby video game arcade