Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is your baby having mood swing?

Since last week our baby "Chloe" is having her mood swing she always cries most especially if she wanted to have something or to do something that we don't want her to have coz it maybe bad for her. I have read some articles about this issue and these are normal to toddlers ages 1- 3 year of age. And study shows that during this stage of life they develop their personality so we should be very careful for their emotions.

According to the article I have read and heard form other parents that the first thing we have to do is ignore her when she cries about thing that may not be suitable for her to play with. Actually on my part I hate to see her upset but that's the point if I gave her the thing she wanted to play with I'll just spoil her and in the future this maybe bad for the whole family. Even how hard it is to see her cry I will just pamper her and make her stop cry by putting her attention to a different toy or a place.

So if you encounter this you should be patient and be prepared for this is normal to them. This is the part that we really need to understand them so bare with them.

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