Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you like TV Series?

Like me and my wife we loved watching TV Series. We download new episodes as soon as there’s a new one. This bonds us more while watching we chat and change opinions about the series. Here’s the TV Series that we highly recommend for you to watch and enjoy:

A.) Smallville - One of the longest running TV show. It’s about Clark Kent the farm boy who grows in a town at Texas called Smallville and later on becomes the best Superhero “Superman”.
B.) Prson Break - The story of two brothers who are framed up by the US Government and conspiracy theory.
C.) Heroes - These might be an adaptation of X-Men these are the guys who soon discovers that they have special abilities not as mutant but a evolution of mankind.
D.) Dexter - The coolest serial killer on the TV screen it's about a forensic Miami police in the morning and a serial killer at night though he kills only those who are already convicted bad guys and he kills according to the rule of Harry.
E.) Chuck - The super nerd who will become an asset of CIA and Military of USA.
F.) Supernaturals - The story of two brothers who have a 3rd eye they will struggle to find the truth about the death of their love ones.
G.) Reaper - The demon catcher watch this cool series ar they battle demonic creatures form hell.
H.) Knight Rider - The continuation of the Knight Rider we know during the 80's its about the Son of the orginal Knight Rider with a new car a new hero is born.

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PK said...

Chuck, supernaturals and reapers are simply awesome serials to watch out for. Everyone in my family at least lokk forward to the upcoming episode. we also have developed good cohesive attitude by watching serials together and having discussion on the same.....