Saturday, May 16, 2009

Smallville Season 8 Finale

As a Fan of Superman and DC Comics this episode is the connection of the Death of Superman comics all the question I've been asking for years has been answered. Questions ike where did Doomsday came from why is he buried under the Earth and why is he so obsessed of killing the Man of Steel.

Thaks to Chloe and Clark they manage to seperate the Beast (Doomsday) and Davis Bloom but apprently they just release the Beast and now Clark is in danger. The JLA headed by Green Arrow, Flash, Black Canary and Clark has a plan of containing and trapping Doomsday. Thay planned to put the big guy to the Earth core where in Clark is successful they put the beast in peace but for us fans we all know that in the comics Doomsday will come back and will kill Superman.

After they separated Bloom and Doomsday. Davis, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen went to the soon to be Watch Tower. Not knowing that the psycho Davis is awake and he heard that Chloe is doing all those thing beacuase of Clark and that she still loves Jimmy, Davis went nuts and killed Jimmy and plans to kill Chloe as well but Jimmy still finds a strenght to kill Davis they both are dead. During Jimmy's funeral the future photographer of Clark and Lane appears the younger brother of Henry James Olsen the Jimmy Olsen we all knew in the movies.

Lane is stuck in the future because she accidentally open the Legions Ring. Tess Mercer saw that the Orb has a being inside it and it's Zod. I just can't wait for the next season.

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